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Kromwell, Aug 26, 12 2:25 PM.

Keep it up!

Kromwell, Aug 25, 12 2:56 PM.
Mirage captues 4 crystals to earn 33.3% 
Mirage captures 4 crystals and gains 33.3%, placing first on the leader board ahead of Deity and Imminent! Keep it up!

Scavenger Hunt

Kromwell, Jun 21, 12 4:04 PM.
We will be holding a scavenger hunt event 30 minutes after Territory Wars is concluded. If you wish to participate, please check the Guild Events section of the website for more information.

Territory Wars!

Nicoleyyy, May 19, 12 4:29 PM.

It is Very Important to Participate in Territory Wars.
Territory Wars occur daily but different Territories are available on different days. Players can check the schedule from the Territory War window by clicking the Schedule button.
What are the requirements to participate?
lvl30+ and must be guild members
How to participate?
Open the Territory War window located in the mini-map.
What can we get from this event?
- Each guild member can receive salaries from Village/Town Chief/Captain/Mayor once a day (character level must be above 30 and Guild Fame must be above 200). The more territories a guild claims, the more rewards they can receive each day.
- Guild members will gain 10% EXP and CP EXP bonuses when in territories occupied by their own guild.

   If you have recently registered for membership, onsite permissions are not enabled until the moderators accept your pending registration. Please feel free to message any of the Mirage officers ingame if you would like to expedite the process.

As many of you know, Mirage is engaging in a more active participation in the daily Territory Wars. Hopefully, we all persevere and be ranked as one of the best guilds in the game.



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